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Four Items You Didn’t know you can Ship to Alaska

What types of things can one actually ship to Alaska? You may be surprised at the items that Alaska Air Forwarding can help you ship. Here’s an inside look at four unique items that we’ve shipped in the past that you didn’t know you can ship to Alaska...

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Finding Fishing Jobs in Alaska: A list of Resources

If you’ve ever considered working a seasonal job in Alaska’s commercial fishing industry, you’re in good company. Many successful fishermen and executives in the industry got their start the same way. Here at Alaska Air Forwarding we have been servicing the commercial fishing industry since our…

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Year Round Alaskan Fishing Calendar

Ahh the fishing season! Most might think the fishing season is a lot like a sports season with a very specific start and end date, and that’s true….. sort of. Unlike a sport season, such as baseball, that starts in the spring and ends in the fall, fishing season is really an all-year round “sport” with a line-up that changes month to month.

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Global Shipping Trends 2016

The Shipping industry is an industry that has been around for centuries and has certainly changed and progressed with the times and continues to change and progress today. Currently, there are three primary areas that are impacting the global shipping industry. Those three areas are technology, environmental regulations, and the future…

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