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Alaska’s Fishing Industry

History of Alaskan Fishing Commercial fishing has been a crucial part of Alaska’s history since the 1880s. The abundance of salmon made Alaska the perfect place for commercial fishing. Commercial fishing was practiced at Kasilof, Kanai, Homer, Chisik Island, and around Tyonek. When food resources were scarce during World War II, the United States learned…
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Inventory Shipments to Alaska

Alaska is one of the most beautiful places in the United States; however, it is also one of the most expensive places to ship inventory. Alaska Air Forwarding can efficiently and quickly transport anything.

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Shipping to Alaska

Alaska’s varied and vast terrain, unpredictable and sometimes harsh weather, and distance from the lower 48 states can make shipping very challenging. However, knowing what to expect is part of the battle when shipping consumer goods, supplies for the mining company, products exported to major retailers, or supplies sent to the oil companies. Alaska does…
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The Alaska Construction Industry

Alaska Air Forwarding has had a hand in building Alaska over the years, supporting the industry in commercial and residential construction areas. Construction occurs year-round in Alaska. However, most building happens during the extra-long days of summer when the sun shines between 17 and 24 hours a day. The long summer days make for a…
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