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All About the Boeing 737

All About the Boeing 737 The Boeing 737 is one of the best-selling commercial aircraft of all time and maintains the record for most deliveries. Following its introduction in 1967, it has undergone several iterations, each with variations to fulfill specific needs, including transporting passengers, military use, and shipping cargo. We discuss each Boeing 737…
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8 Types of Cargo Planes For Freight Shipping

8 Types of Cargo Planes for Freight Shipping Cargo planes are crucial for shipping freight to Alaska, moving goods across the state as quickly and efficiently as possible. All-cargo aircraft help transport products to remote areas of Alaska that are often difficult to access for passenger aircraft, increasing the number of communities we can serve.…
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How Alaska Weather Affects Shipping

How Alaska Weather Affects Shipping Alaska’s weather can affect when a shipment arrives and how much shipping costs. While Alaska is perceived to be cold year-round, it has all four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season’s weather patterns affect shipping differently and present different obstacles to shipping freight. In addition, different regions of…
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Alaska’s Fishing Industry

Alaska’s Fishing Industry History of Alaskan Fishing Commercial fishing has been a crucial part of Alaska’s history since the 1880s. The abundance of salmon made Alaska the perfect place for commercial fishing. Commercial fishing was practiced at Kasilof, Kanai, Homer, Chisik Island, and around Tyonek. When food resources were scarce during World War II, the…
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