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Alaska’s Fishing Industry

History of Alaskan Fishing Commercial fishing has been a crucial part of Alaska’s history since the 1880s. The abundance of salmon made Alaska the perfect place for commercial fishing. Commercial fishing was practiced at Kasilof, Kanai, Homer, Chisik Island, and around Tyonek. When food resources were scarce during World War II, the United States learned…
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What Supplies are Needed in Remote Parts of Alaska?

Alaska is a very unique, very beautiful state. Since so many areas in Alaska are remote, it can be hard for them to have access to much-needed supplies. From the fishing industry to the entertainment industry and everything in between, there is a lot of dependence on supplies getting shipped in from other parts of…
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How to Ship Freight Internationally

Whether you’re moving to a new country and need to ship all your belongings or looking to ship inventory worldwide, the process can be complicated and confusing. Unlike shipping nationally, international shipping has many more rules and regulations that must be followed or risk massive delays in shipment times and increased fees. Here are some…
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What is a Government Approved Shipping Company?

Alaska Air Forwarding prides itself on being a government-approved freight shipping company. But what exactly is government approval? Here, we break down some of the jargon to help you understand what government approval means.   GSA Approval GSA stands for General Services Administration. This US Government agency manages the acquisition of products and services. In…
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