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What to expect for the Alaska Fishing Industry in 2018

Alaska’s fishing industry is the primary industry in the state of Alaska. Not only is this industry the primary revenue source for the state, but Alaska’s fishing industry also supplies our nation’s food chain with fresh fish. This being the case, industry officials closely monitor a variety of circumstances that will impact the industry overall.

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How the Declining Wild Salmon Population is Affecting Commercial Fishing

Alaska’s salmon population has been declining in recent years and this decline has presented a unique set of challenges to the state of Alaska. The Chinook salmon has seen the greatest decline in recent years and at one point, salmon runs in the Yukon, Kuskokwim and Kenai Rivers had declined to the point where several major fisheries were either strictly limited or closed altogether. The villages along these rivers are especially dependent on the Chinook salmon for both commercial harvests as well as for supplying sustenance for families.

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