Five things to Look for when choosing an Alaska Shipping Provider

Five Things to Look for when choosing an Alaska Shipping Provider

So, you need to ship a large amount of cargo to Alaska and you’re in the process of choosing a shipping provider. How do you go about doing this and what are some things to look for when choosing an Alaska Shipping Provider? Those are great questions and we’ve got some great answers. Let’s start with the second part of that question: What are some things to look for when choosing an Alaska Shipping Provider? Here are five things that we believe are essential when choosing an Alaska Shipping provider.

Service Areas

When it comes to shipping to Alaska, this is likely the most important issue. Alaska is characterized by a large land mass with very remote areas that require service. Choosing a shipping provider that can access these remote areas is a key factor when shipping to the state of Alaska. Here at Alaska Air Forwarding, we specialize in servicing the most remote parts of Alaska. We schedule multiple flights into Alaska everyday and have strong relationships with other in-state carriers who can provide connections to Alaska’s most remote regions.

Variety of Services

Does the shipping provider offer a variety of services to meet your exact needs? Not all shipping providers are equal. Some will only ship certain products or may be limited by weight regulations; not Alaska Air Forwarding. We provide shipping for a wide array of industries and we work with you to ship all types of cargo from light to heavy and everything in between. Our Case Studies page details specific industries that we serve as well as some unique items that we have shipped.


Being able to track your shipment to Alaska is extremely important. Life can be unpredictable and life in Alaska can be even more unpredictable, especially when it comes to the weather. Alaska’s weather can be extremely harsh, which can impact shipments into and out of the state. At Alaska Air Forwarding, we provide a tracking system that will track your cargo from beginning to end, including all transfers made during the shipping process.

Customer Service

Does the shipping provider offer help with your questions and concerns? At Alaska Air Forwarding, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the industry. When you call us, you get a live person 24/7 who can answer all of your questions and insure that you are getting the best price possible for shipping your cargo.

Door to Door Service

When shipping cargo to Alaska, you will want to know if your shipping provider will handle all of the transportation from the warehouse to the final destination. Here at AAF, once your shipment leaves the lower 48, it will be flown directly to our office in Anchorage where it is unloaded and then forwarded to its final destination. Using our own fleet of trucks, we provided door-to-door service for your cargo. If a shipment is out of our area, we can arrange for pick-up and transfer through our extensive network of agents. By using more than one carrier, we are able to ensure our customers get the door-to-door service they need at the best price possible.

These five key features are essential when it comes to shipping your cargo to Alaska. If your shipping provider is not able to offer each of these, give us a call; we’re certain that we can help you ship your cargo to its final destination providing you with the best price and the best customer service in the industry.

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