Four Items You Didn’t know you can Ship to Alaska

Four Items You Didn’t know you can Ship to Alaska

What types of things can one actually ship to Alaska? You may be surprised at the items that Alaska Air Forwarding can help you ship. Here’s an inside look at four unique items that we’ve shipped in the past that you didn’t know you can ship to Alaska.

Commercial Fishing Supplies

Commercial fishing is one of the top three industries in Alaska, generating up to 60,000 jobs depending on the season. Commercial fishing is a billion dollar industry providing the entire United States with more than half of its commercially caught fish. Given these statistics, you can imagine how important it is for commercial fishing vessels to be able to work through their season with little to no interruption. However, life seldom is without interruption and the fishing industry is no exception. Such was the case when we had a customer in dire need of a critical shipment in the middle of fishing season. One of our commercial fishing customers’ boat broke down forcing them to go back to Dutch Harbor in order to receive the needed parts for repairs. To expedite the shipment as quickly as possible, we flew our Anchorage Sales Manager to Dutch Harbor with the necessary parts allowing the boat to be fixed within a matter of hours and get back out to sea with less than a day lost. Serving the commercial fishing industry is how we got our start at Alaska Air Forwarding and we have been serving the commercial fishing industry for more than 50 years.

Construction Materials

Whether it’s commercial or residential, construction happens year round in Alaska and Alaska Air Forwarding provides the shipping for these items. We ship furnaces, electrical pipe, plumbing equipment, doors, locks and alarm systems for businesses, hospitals, government buildings and residential properties. Whatever the construction site may need, AAF can ship these items to Alaska using the fastest and most affordable means available.

Production Equipment

Another item that requires shipping to Alaska is production equipment for the entertainment industry. In addition to the beautiful, remote wilderness in Alaska, there are also thriving metropolitan areas such as Anchorage, Fairbanks, and the capitol city of Juneau. These areas host concerts, corporate events and tradeshows that require specific equipment be shipped in to accommodate these events and Alaska Air Forwarding provides the freight connection ensuring that all of the needed equipment arrives at its destination. In fact, AAF even helped an LA production company ship their equipment into Alaska getting it to the site just in time for shooting to begin the next day. Check out the full story here.


Because Alaska is not part of the contiguous United States, it’s necessary for all sorts of inventory to be shipped into the state. At AAF, we provide shipping for a variety of companies and we can efficiently ship items such as clothing, pharmaceuticals, perishables for restaurants, healthcare products and more. For people who live in the lower 48, these items are readily available, but when you live in Alaska, these everyday items need to be shipped into the state and Alaska Air Forwarding is one to call. Whatever your inventory shipping needs are, we will get it shipped for you. Learn more about shipping inventory to Alaska with AAF.
Whatever the item is that needs to be shipped to Alaska, AAF can ship it for you. Give us a call. We’ll help you get started and help you determine the best plan for your needs.

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