Shipping to Alaska? A smaller freight forwarder provides three great benefits.

A smaller freight forwarder provides 3 great benefits

When there is a task to be done that requires the help of an outside source, it can be easy to immediately consider using the services of the largest companies to accomplish the task. Why? Well, perhaps name familiarity would be a primary reason. Large companies have large advertising budgets that allow them to get their message out in a way that develops top-of-mind-awareness with consumers. Additionally, we’re often conditioned to believe that “bigger is better” and we assume that by working with “the big guys” we’re going to reap all of the benefits that a large company can offer. While this may be true in some industries, it’s not the case when it comes to the shipping industry. More often than not, when it comes to shipping, and particularly shipping items to Alaska, working with a smaller shipping company can have definite advantages. Here’s just a few:

Faster Delivery Service

A smaller shipping company is not dealing with the volumes of deliveries that a larger shipping company has and because of lower volumes, is able to offer a faster delivery. That is certainly the case here at Alaska Air Forwarding. We specialize in shipping oversize containers from anywhere in the US to the state of Alaska. Because we work with many partners, we are able to offer multiple scheduled flights every day or when needed, arrange custom service. Shipping with Alaska Air Forwarding will guarantee a much faster delivery than shipping with a larger carrier.

Cost Savings

Cost is another area where a smaller shipping company can be an advantage. Here at Alaska Air Forwarding, we work with each customer to determine the best price for transporting their cargo. A larger carrier is likely to have a set price for certain cargo that may or may not work for your budget. We take the time to get all the information needed and find a pick-up and delivery method that not only gets your cargo delivered quickly but ensures your costs are maintained.

Better Customer Service

Because a smaller shipping company does not have as many customers as a larger one, providing superior customer service becomes the number one priority. Our customers here at Alaska Air Forwarding have come to trust us over the years because they know that we will go the extra mile to ensure their cargo arrives safely. Since we are a smaller shipping company, this has enabled us to build relationships with our customers that has kept them loyal to us for many years. While many companies work hard to extend good customer service, there really is nothing better than the personal, individualized service that a small company offers. Such is the case when it comes to a more complex delivery that requires a more flexible and customized plan. Unlike large shipping companies that are bound by a more rigid delivery system, we can customize our delivery system based on the customer’s specific need for that particular shipment.

Interestingly enough, the US Government tends to value the benefits that a smaller company offers and tries to set aside about one-quarter of its contracts for small business. This is particularly good for the smaller shipping companies like Alaska Air Forwarding. The government likes to work with companies that truly know their business which gives smaller companies a HUGE advantage. According to the SBA, a government agency or contractor will look very favorably on a company that knows exactly what it has to offer. Small businesses are great at carving out a niche in the market place enabling them to become highly specialized and efficient in their given area and this is very attractive to government agencies and those larger corporations who contract with them. This provides a prime opportunity for a small shipping company like Alaska Air Forwarding. We know how to move cargo quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the United States to the state of Alaska making us a great resource for government agencies who depend on access to this remote port.

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