Shipping Cargo to Alaska?

Top Challenges and Restrictions Shipping Cargo to Alaska

If you have ever shipped cargo anywhere, you are well aware of the challenges you may encounter in the process; that’s simply the nature of shipping. If you have ever shipped cargo to Alaska, then you likely have encountered even more challenges than what’s typical in the shipping industry. By its very nature, Alaska’s massive landscape and rugged terrain present a unique set of challenges that need to be considered when shipping cargo. In addition to these challenges, there are also a number of restrictions and regulations that also need to be considered. Here at Alaska Air Forwarding, we ship cargo to Alaska on a daily basis, so we can offer some great insight into how to work around all of these issues.


Geography: Alaska is the largest state, by land mass, in the United States, covering 663,000 square miles. Just covering that amount of land mass alone is challenging enough but much of this land mass is very remote with either extremely rough or NO roads leading to it. This being the case, most shipping companies are not able to reach these more remote parts of Alaska. However, here at Alaska Air Forwarding, we are able to reach these remote areas using multiple aircrafts and multiple transfers. We know the most remote parts of the Alaskan geography and we are always able to work around the challenges this brings.

Weather: Along with the rugged terrain is the harsh and rugged Alaska weather. Mountain passes, blizzards and icy conditions can present further challenges when shipping cargo to Alaska. Because of our relationships with other in-state carriers, we are able to ship your cargo through some of the harshest weather conditions.

Cost & Time: The rugged terrain and weather can affect delivery time which then can drive up costs when shipping cargo to Alaska. Alaska Air Forwarding offers premier freight forwarding to Alaska with a variety of options that will insure the fastest and most cost efficient delivery for your cargo.


Cargo restrictions: Cargo restrictions are always a consideration in the shipping industry. There are a number of items that most shipping companies will not ship due to these restrictions. For example, the FAA and TSA have very stringent guidelines concerning the transportation of air cargo. These can make it difficult for larger air transport companies to move certain types of cargo based on size, weight or items that might be hazardous.

Embargo & Priority Shipping Restrictions: In addition to the above mentioned restrictions, there are also service embargo restrictions which limit larger aircargo services, from servicing more remote parts of Alaska such as Dutch Harbor as well as limitations on Goldstreak service, a priority service, from various parts of the US.

Alaska Air Forwarding is not bound by these restrictions thanks to the large network of partner agents throughout the US that make it possible to ship large and heavy freight. We even have a Haz-Mat professional on staff. If it’s legal, we can ship it. Through our Freight Management Services division, we can handle water shipments to Alaska, including Dutch Harbor. In fact, we load weekly containers to Dutch Harbor at our Seattle location. If you need something shipped in a hurry, ask us about our Hot Shot delivery. If it’s local, we can expedite your shipment.
When it comes to shipping cargo to Alaska, there is no one better than Alaska Air Forwarding. Not only are we your airfreight connection to Alaska, but our large partner network allows us to provide ground and water transfers that other carriers don’t offer due to restrictions and limitations.

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