What is a Government Approved Shipping Company?

Alaska Air Forwarding prides itself on being a government-approved freight shipping company. But what exactly is government approval? Here, we break down some of the jargon to help you understand what government approval means.


GSA Approval

GSA stands for General Services Administration. This US Government agency manages the acquisition of products and services. In order for a company to sell products or services to the US government, they must be approved first.

To become GSA-approved, a company must go through an acquisition process which consists of having a proven track record in the industry and demonstrating past performance. After successfully completing this process, a company can be awarded a contract with the US Government.


DoD Approval

DoD stands for Department of Defense. Anyone who works with the defense industry must first become certified and follow specific standards set forth by the DoD. A DoD-approved business has shown an in-depth understanding of federal acquisition rules and the ability to meet the DoD’s high standards.


Does Government Approval Matter?

When choosing a shipping company, you consider many things, such as experience and pricing. Knowing that Alaska Air Forwarding is both GSA and DoD-approved, you can be assured that we meet the highest standards and expectations in the industry. If we can quickly and cost-effectively deliver the government’s most secure and urgent items, you can trust that we will do the same for you.


Alaska Air Forwarding has the knowledge and connections to get your freight where it needs to go. Call us at 800.426.0004 or get a quote online.

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