Shipping to Alaska

Alaska’s varied and vast terrain, unpredictable and sometimes harsh weather, and distance from the lower 48 states can make shipping very challenging. However, knowing what to expect is part of the battle when shipping consumer goods, supplies for the mining company, products exported to major retailers, or supplies sent to the oil companies.

Alaska does not have a very robust highway system which means most shipments arrive via sea or air. The lack of rail service from the lower 48 states to Alaska means the railcars have to move on barges. Some rural areas don’t have runways for commercial airlines, so the freight has to come in on a turboprop aircraft. Shippers must also consider the season when shipping products to specific locations.

At Alaska Air Forwarding, we utilize our transportation fleet and provide you with door-to-door service. We can arrange for pick up for shipments out-of-area through our extensive network of agents. In addition, our trucks will be there to forward your shipment on the next flight to Alaska.

We use commercial, passenger, and all-cargo air carriers and charter aircraft, depending on your shipping needs. By utilizing more than one air carrier, we can ensure you get the best price and service possible. We have a network of 500 partner agents throughout the United States and the world. We provide:

  • Cost-effective and accurate rate quotes
  • The highest caliber of service, including 24-hour live support
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • Shipping of heavy-lift cargo
  • Access to remote areas of Alaska that most companies cannot access

Get in touch with Alaska Air Forwarding via our 24-hour customer support, our contact form below, or get a quote online.

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