SEA and ANC Airport Features

Alaska Air Forwarding uses Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA) and Anchorage International Airport (ANC) to ship some of our cargo and freight. Here are some of the features and upgrades that support the commercial shipping industry at each location.

Seattle-Tacoma International

SEA expanded its cargo area in 2015 to support the growing demand for shipping cargo. Two cargo areas were expanded to accommodate simultaneous nose-loading of large aircraft such as a Boeing 747-8. Before the expansion, SEA only had one freighter hardstand position capable of handling Group 6 aircraft like the Boeing 747-8F. SEA also has other stands capable of handling aircraft as large as 747-400 freighters. The new layout for the cargo areas includes plenty of room for loading and unloading aircraft with space for support vehicles, tugs, and other equipment needed.

In addition to expanding the cargo area, SEA installed nose wheel tethers and in-ground power units. The lighting has also been updated to extend the airport’s in-ground fuel hydrant system in one place. The addition of ground power allows the freight carriers to capacity onboard electrical systems and plug into the new equipment rather than running on auxiliary power units or diesel units. It also helps reduce emissions and noise at the airport. The cargo planes can also fuel directly from the hydrant rather than a fuel tanker that burns fuel and creates emissions.

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

 ANC is recognized today as a central air cargo hub that reaches 95% of major global markets in 10 hours or less.  The airport added more pull-through cargo parking spots, expanded and upgraded runways to accommodate the increase in cargo traffic, and improved its underground refueling system. In addition, a law passed in 2004 permitting air cargo between the United States and foreign countries to be transferred to another airline in ANC without breaking its international journey. The services offered at ANC for cargo planes include INS, ATC, CPB-GSE, Fueling, and De-icing.

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