Is It Necessary To Choose A Reputable International Air Freight Company?

Is It Necessary To Choose A Reputable International Air Freight Company?

We’ve all had that shipment that did not get delivered as planned. Whether the quote was way off, the cargo was held in customs or even worse, was mishandled,  damaged or lost. It’s usually not until we have a bad experience, that we realize how important it is to choose a reputable company for international air freight shipping projects. With so many working parts to this shipping process, it is important to have a partner in the industry. Alaska Air Forwarding’s International division is World Cargo International Services.

World Cargo International Services works to move your cargo anywhere in the world, safely, on time and hassle free. Here are some types of shipments we do:

  • Export & Import – ocean and air
  •  Typical to Unusual
  • From Seattle to Singapore and all points in between
  • Individual, Family or Company
  • Personal Belongings Internationally

One of the services at Alaska Air Forwarding’s international division is handling what other companies consider too difficult. Oversize or out of gauge, World Cargo International Services will move what other shippers won’t consider. To World Cargo IS, it’s a Project, an opportunity. World Cargo IS will make sure the Project is handled properly and professionally. They can do it all for you, including:

  • Labeling
  • Palletizing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Wood crating
  • Manifesting

World Cargo International Services offers tracking service for every point of your freight's journey. Whether you are an individual shipping your prized motorcycle or you are a commercial industry with large freight, World Cargo will handle the job with the same precision and care.

When you need us, please call our customer service center for 24/7 answers to any question or concern you may have. We feel that you deserve to know where you shipment is, how close it is to arrival, and that it is in pristine condition. That is why World Cargo International Services is the number one choice for air freight shipping in Seattle, WA and beyond.

Lastly, for more information on international shipping call World Cargo International Services at 800.839.5003 or visit them at Ask them about the many ways they go beyond the ordinary to ensure your Project is successful.


At Alaska Air Forwarding, we’ve been a trusted air freight partner since 1965. We are able to efficiently and quickly transport anything. With our door-to-door service,  we have the expertise needed to give you peace of mind that your shipment will be delivered on time with accurate price quoting.

We are proud to provide cost effective, fair pricing and support you through the process with our 24-Hour Live Support and Real-Time Tracking. We stay up to date on rules and regulations for customs processing if needed and work with our network of connections and varied transportation fleet to get the job done.

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