Is Air Freight really better than Ocean shipping?


Alaska Air Forwarding says YES!

For 45 years, Alaska Air Forwarding has been shipping cargo from various places throughout the US to remote locations in Alaska. After 45 years of doing what we do, we’ve learned a few things, particularly the advantages that air shipping can provide over shipping cargo via ocean.


When it comes to getting your cargo to its destination quickly, there is really no comparison to the advantage of air freight. Some sea shipments can take as long a month to go from point A to point B. Most ocean transports will be required to make a number of “pit stops” along the way, whether it’s to refuel or pick up more cargo. These required stops spell delays for your cargo so if you’ve got cargo that needs to get to its destination quickly, air freight is your best option. With air freight, shipments can arrive in a matter of hours.


Because of the speed with which air freight can transport, this tends to keep insurance premiums lower, providing huge savings in over-all costs.


With air freight, there are fewer opportunities for your cargo to get lost or damaged. Your cargo is loaded one time at its beginning point and unloaded at its final destination. Because there is less handling of your cargo, there is far less opportunity for damage or loss to occur.

Send your cargo anywhere: Many airlines, as well as air freight companies, have a large network of destinations that enable you to send your cargo anywhere. Ocean freight carriers are a bit more limited with their routes and destinations.

Not only do we, at Alaska Air Forwarding, offer all of these advantages, but we also specialize in Heavy Lift. Where other air freight companies may be restricted by weight or size, AAF has the ability to fly large products under difficult circumstances. In fact, we can handle loads between 5,000 and 10,000 lbs or more and we can also handle larger sized cargo that may not fit on other air freight carriers.

To learn more, check out some of our case studies, and contact Alaska Air Forwarding for your shipping needs.

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