Alaska Air Forwarding Ships to Remote Alaska – Kwigillingok Village

At Alaska Air Forwarding, we are known for shipping to Alaska door-to-door. In a number of cases, that means getting goods and equipment to some of the most remote places imaginable. In this month’s blog, learn how we were able to assist a construction company working to install wind power generators for the native village of Kwigillingok.

Kwigillingok is a remote village located in the Bethel Census Area of Alaska, which is about 20 square miles with around 321 people. It is located approximately 90 air miles south of Bethel, the nearest hub. There are no roads in the community, but long stretches of boardwalk are used for all-terrain vehicles. The only way to get into Kwigillingok is by flying in, boating during the summer, or snow machining during the winter. The dominant language is Yugtun. The Kwigillingok School has around 144 students from pre-3-year-olds through 12th grade.

The Kwigillingok people have transportation and shipping challenges due to the lack of access to a road system. Contractors from outside Kwigillingok will abandon trash and scrap equipment when they finish a construction project. Having a company that can help ship things in and out of the area helps to avoid this.

Even as remote as the village is, Alaska Air Forwarding was able to help when needed. Kwigillingok was one of 3 villages looking to reduce their dependence on diesel power by installing wind power generators. Alaska Air Forwarding was contacted by the construction company to find a way to ship multiple over-length and oversized 20-foot sections of the Wind Power Generators by air.

The shipments originated in Minnesota and Alaska Air Forwarding routed the shipments using large aircraft into Alaska and smaller DC 6’s and DC 3’s to the village construction site. The Windmills arrived in the village of 300 people in time to meet the pre-scheduled Installation Team.

Alaska Air Forwarding will find a way to get critical freight to the most remote villages of Alaska, like Kwigillingok. We are price-conscious but dependable service in areas where weather and service are anything but reliable. We can ship your freight from the lower 48 doing multiple transfers, using various aircraft, in and out of small cities and towns all over Alaska. With over 20 years of experience working on getting freight into the bush communities, we have the lift, connections, and knowledge to deliver for you.


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