4 Best Ways Alaska Air Forwarding Can Help Ship to Alaska

4 Best Ways Alaska Air Forwarding Can Help Ship to Alaska

Covering over 663,000 square miles, Alaska is by far the biggest state in the US. Though large, Alaska is mostly uninhabited, making it a challenge for shipping services to get to certain areas across the state. With several modes of transportation, expertise, and connections, here are the four best ways we can ship your goods to Alaska:

1. Fast and Economic Mailing Services

At Alaska Air Forwarding, we consider Saturday a business day. We offer several different ways to get your shipment to your destination. Here are some of the mailing options we offer:

· Priority: If you’re looking for the fastest option, depending on the final destination, Priority is an overnight service.

· Standard: Both fast and cost-effective, the Standard will get your package to your destination in 2-3 business days without charging you premium services.

· Economy: The best money-saving option, Economy provides deliveries in a 3-5 business day period.

· Door-to-Door Service: If you’re looking for door-to-door services, we’ve got you covered. We have options that not only get your shipment in fast, but they are also placed right on the doorstep of who we’re delivering to. Our “counter to counter” service gets your shipment within the same day, or we can charter from reputable operators if flights aren’t happening on the date you need something sent.

2. Special Arrangements

Not all cargo is equal. If you have specific requests or are shipping hazardous material, we have professionals on staff to assist you with your shipment.

· Hazardous Materials: We have an Haz-Mat professional on hand to assist you with items that need extra care, supervision, and paperwork.

· Reassurance: From Proof of Delivery confirmation to Fireman’s Fund insurance, your package will be well taken care of.

· Remote Destinations: Outside of main ports in Alaska, we can ship to a wide variety of remote destinations such as the North Slope or the Aleutian Islands.

· Heavy Lifting: We specialize in picking up and carrying out heavy machinery, equipment, replacement parts and more. We have no weight restrictions on what we can ship.

3. International Shipping Services

Outside the US? We work with World Cargo International Services to ensure your cargo can be shipped anywhere in the world. World Cargo specializes in not only the initial packaging of your cargo, but palletizing, wood crating and more.

4. Specialty Fields

Alaska is filled with robust commercial fisheries, oil distribution and more. Starting in 1965, we at AAF have built our business on working with the fishing industry. Today we have perfected and expanded our services that reflect Alaska’s growing economy.

· Commercial Fishing: From mechanical equipment to gearboxes, we ship fishing and marine industry supplies to most parts of Alaska.

· Construction and Engineering: Alaska’s economy is growing, and so is the construction industry. Unbothered by weather, construction and engineering companies are putting in piping, electrical and plumbing equipment daily. AAF ships building materials, steel doors, PVC pipes and more directly so your job is just putting it together.

· Entertainment: Alaska’s beautiful wilderness can be the perfect backdrop for movies, exhibits, tradeshows, concerts and more. Whether it’s a stage or electrical equipment, we can ship freight for your event to go off without a hitch.

· Government: AAF is approved to transport sensitive materials for the Department of Defense, General Services Administration and more. We pride ourselves in making sure the items are shipped quickly and securely.

Large, small, hazardous or heavy, Alaska Air Forwarding has a variety of detailed options for your company’s shipping needs.

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