Customer Service Case Study

Customer Service Case Study

Here at Alaska Air Forwarding we pride ourselves on the level of customer service that we provide our clients. We’re not just in the shipping business, but we’re also in the relationship business. We want our clients to trust us to not only get their shipments safely to their destination, but to know that we pay close attention to all the details pertaining to that shipment. Such was the case recently when we had to ship a rather unique product to the city of Bethel, Alaska.

It all started when we were contacted by a company in Tennessee who needed to ship a load of handicap shower stalls to Bethel. Bethel sits on Alaska’s west coast and is accessible by either air or river. The showers were trucked to Seattle and then had to be air-freighted from there. Upon their arrival, our staff here at AAF knew that something seemed amiss. Upon closer inspection, it was noted that the stalls were the wrong size, based on the information we received from the company. The showers we were to ship seemed too big so we contacted the client with this information. They told us to ship them anyway, but based on the information we had, we felt the best option was to hold off on shipping the showers.

Holding the shipment for one day proved to be the right decision because shortly after we brought this to the client’s attention, they too realized the mistake. The showers were sent back to Tennessee and exchanged for the correct size, which were then shipped to their final destination in Bethel, AK.

Our concern for the client and attention to detail saved them $5,000. By holding the shipment for one day, we saved them the hassle of completing the shipment only to find that the showers were the wrong size and then having to ship the entire order back to Tennessee and start all over again. Once the mistake was corrected, we were able to get the entire shipment from Tennessee to Bethel, AK in two days’ time.

We even care about your showers

It’s situations like this that enable us to demonstrate our commitment to providing the best customer service possible. Not only do we make sure your shipment arrives at its destination safely, but we will go the extra mile to make sure there are no problems with your shipment in route. At Alaska Air Forwarding, we care about our clients; we even care about their showers.

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