Keeping a Cruise Ship Well Fed

Keeping a Cruise Ship Well Fed

Have you ever been on a cruise? If so, you know how amazing the food is that is served on-board ship. For many people, tasting the decadent food and enjoying the elegance with which it’s displayed is often one of the highlights of being on a cruise. So, you can imagine the concern of a small cruise ship when they realized they were low on food and other supplies as they were cruising through Alaska.

The food that was needed had to remain frozen so the window of time for delivery was a quick two days. If there was any delay, the food would have not been fit to serve to the passengers on the cruise. At this point, the ship was docked in Nome, Alaska and the food was to be delivered to a dock in the town. Of course, the cruise line could have opted for a charter service, but this can be very costly. Knowing that Alaska Air Forwarding provides regular airfreight deliveries throughout all of Alaska, the cruise line called us. They needed their food and materials fast and needed to stay on budget.

We were able to deliver all of the frozen food and other materials within the two-day window of time to the specified location in Nome, AK. In addition, we were able to transport all of the needed items through a regularly scheduled service that allowed the cruise line to stay on budget and avoid the costly and unaffordable prices for a special charter delivery.

Because we can fly anywhere in the state of Alaska, even the more remote, hard to reach places, we are always the best source for getting your shipments to their destination quickly, safely and in the most affordable means possible. This is just one more example of how Alaska Air Forwarding is committed to doing our very best for our all of our customers.

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