Air Freight Shipping: A 5-star Review

Air Freight Shipping: A 5-star Review

Since we started in 1965, we have had an unwavering commitment to excellence and doing all that we can to serve our customers. While many things have changed in our company over the last 50 years, our commitment to excellence and service has not.  As a result of this commitment, we have enjoyed a long-standing history of happy, satisfied customers who have reached out to us for their shipping needs over and over again. However, every now and then we get the added benefit of our happy, satisfied customers sharing their positive AAF experience with our Facebook followers as was the case in early April.

We had the opportunity to assist a brand new customer with an urgent shipping need.  They were in the process of shipping two large motors to Alaska prior to the start of the fishing season. There had been several delays in this particular shipment prior to their calling Alaska Air Forwarding.  By the time the customer reached out to us, we had about a 48-hour window of time when the motors had to be in Alaska. Working on a short timeline like this is where we shine as a freight company because we get requests like this almost every day.   Our ability to move freight quickly and get it booked with the airlines is what sets us apart from our competitors.

When this shipment arrived at our facility, it needed to be blocked and braced in order to pass inspection for the airlines. Because we typically work within a short window of time, we have learned to anticipate what the airlines will need and take care of those issues before we book the shipment with them.  This has also enabled us to develop a good working relationship with the airlines that move our freight, so when we come to them with a more urgent shipment, they work hard to accommodate our needs. In this case, we had the shipment completely prepped and ready for the airline inspection. Everything was done correctly on our end and the freight was shipped and arrived in Alaska, at its destination, within 48 hours.

Here's what our satisfied customer had to say:

After every engine build delay you could imagine, Alaska Air Forwarding had both of my new engines delivered in Cordova Alaska within 48 hours of being finished. These aren’t little motors either, 4200# each!  Thank you for making the final step in getting the engines to Alaska effortless, painless, affordable and faster than I could have hoped. I look forward to doing business again.

Effortless, painless, affordable and faster. This is how we operate with every shipping order we receive which has made our Shipping Services second to none. We have the ability to ship heavy-lift cargo quickly and efficiently and at an affordable price.  You can quickly get an online quote for your shipment in order to determine costs and begin the process.  We make it easy; simply click here to get started.

We are very grateful for the glowing, five-star review that this customer shared on our Facebook page.  However, what we appreciate even more was the opportunity to serve a brand new customer who will likely be doing business with us again.

If you have a need to ship heavy freight, we offer 24-hour live support and will make sure that your shipment arrives at its destination as soon as possible.  Contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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