Our 6 Favorite Podcasts About Alaska

For many, Alaska is truly the “final frontier” of wildlife and extreme weather. We hear reports about moose terrorizing towns or snow so deep houses disappear under the white. With reality TV shows like Ice Road Truckers or Bering Sea Gold, we watch people struggle against extreme terrain through snow flurries and 24-hour darkness.

While in the comfort of our own homes, here are some Alaska-themed podcasts to whisk you away into another world.

  1. Iditapod

Is there anything more Alaskan than dog sledding? In this riveting podcast, there are play-by-plays of Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, also knowns as the “Last Great Race.” This race spans over 1,100 miles in 11 days or less. Listeners will get updates about checkpoints, interviews with the mushers and there are often huskies causing mischief too. In some of the latest episodes, for the first time in 47 years, three women mushers are in the top 10 of the entire country!

  1. The Firn Line

In The Firn Line, mountain climber and native Alaskan Evan Phillips discusses the science of mountain climbing. Mountain climbing in Alaska is usually under strenuous and often perilous conditions. A few years ago, Phillips had an injury that put him out of commission. Since then, he contributes to the mountain climbing community through his celebrated podcast where he interviews fellow climbers.

  1. Talk of Alaska

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of news happens in the unique state Alaska, Talk of Alaska hosts a variety of newsworthy topics. Updated every Tuesday, this news podcast discusses anything from politics to culture while introducing different guests throughout the show. Talk of Alaska highlights topics such as mental illness, how to keep local villages safe, and even talks about the ancient ecosystems found only in the Alaskan landscape. This podcast is hosted by Alaska Public Media.

  1. Midnight Oil

Are you burning the midnight oil? Probably not as much as these oil field workers. Each season of this podcast brings an in-depth look at the Alaskan commodities and climate. In Season 1, Midnight Oil introduces the booming and turbulent oil industry. Season 2, “The Big Thaw,” the discussion deepens. With struggles surrounding the changing terrain, Midnight Oil talks about the biggest challenge Alaska faces to date: climate change.

  1. Outdoor Explorer

Follow this podcast down the “fishing hole” of the interesting and beautiful places that Alaska has to offer. With a focus on safety and preparedness, the Outdoor Explorer roams through backcountry trails and fishing spots. There are also many interviews with park rangers, outdoor guides, bush pilots and more. Not only does Outdoor Explorer teach you what to pack, but it also lets you live vicariously through them.

  1. Hometown, Alaska

If you love the ins-and-outs of government, Hometown offers stories focused on local and statewide issues. There are many in-depth conversations with leaders and decision-makers throughout this podcast. Listeners get to learn how they keep local libraries open, nuclear energy costs, and budget cuts that are impacting the state.

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