How Alaska Weather Affects Shipping

How Alaska Weather Affects Shipping

Alaska’s weather can affect when a shipment arrives and how much shipping costs. While Alaska is perceived to be cold year-round, it has all four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season’s weather patterns affect shipping differently and present different obstacles to shipping freight. In addition, different regions of the state can vary in climate. The northern areas have cool arctic weather for most of the year, while the southeastern peninsula has more moderate temperatures.


Winter: Winter in Alaska spans from October through March; temperatures can range from below zero in the tundra to near freezing on the southeastern coast. Alaska’s winters often present unique shipping challenges. For example, those who send packages must store food and dry goods in temperature-controlled containers. Electronics can be irreparably damaged if left in extreme temperatures for too long. Furthermore, many remote areas are not connected to any central road system, complicating efforts to ship cargo.


Spring: Spring in Alaska is relatively short, ranging from April to May. While spring generally brings mild climates, there are challenges unique to this season, including breakup, which is when the snow starts to melt. A breakup can result in flooding, which can cause rivers to overflow and delay shipping.


Summer: Alaska’s summer weather is more conducive to easier shipping. However, the warmer weather results in higher demand for shipping, which can cause delays due to the higher volume of processed packages. Fortunately, it is easier to ship cargo to many remote areas during summer as they are more easily accessible.


Fall: Fall in Alaska starts as early as mid-August in the northernmost regions, while the rest of the state enters the fall season in late August to early September. Shipping packages during the fall can be faster than shipping them during the summer, as there is less demand.


With a wide range of weather patterns, shipping to Alaska can be challenging. Fortunately, we have connections to an extensive network of agents that can get your items to the most remote areas of the state.

Alaska Air Forwarding safely ships your cargo to anywhere in Alaska year-round, regardless of the weather. Contact us to learn more about how we ship freight or get a quote.

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