Getting around the Dutch Harbor Shipping Embargo

Getting around the Dutch Harbor Shipping Embargo

One of the challenges of living and working in Dutch Harbor is the difficulty in getting items shipped to the island in a timely manner. Currently, there is a service embargo on general freight being shipped to Dutch Harbor making it impossible for some major shipping companies to get cargo and other goods shipped there. The FAA and TSA have strict guidelines concerning the transportation of air cargo and consequently, Alaska Airlines is currently restricted from shipping cargo to Dutch Harbor.

Dutch Harbor is a harbor on Amaknak Island in Unalaska, Alaska. It was the location of the Battle of Dutch Harbor in June of 1942 and was one of the few sites in American territory to be bombed by the Japanese during World War II.

In more recent years, this remote island has seen significant growth in its population as well as its economy. It is ranked as a top fishing port with more than 1 billion dollars transferred each year and is also the harbor featured in the Discovery Channel’s reality series, Deadliest Catch.

This embargo has major implications for the community of Dutch Harbor. They are currently in the process of rebuilding a local oil company and downsizing from one facility to another. If they meet the timeline for this project, the employees working of this project will get a big bonus. This embargo is a hindrance to them getting the materials they need to finish this project. In addition, the fishing season is just beginning. This industry is the primary industry in Dutch Harbor, and the current embargo could cause significant delays in receiving the needed gear for a successful season.

However, here at Alaska Air Forwarding, we are not restricted by the embargo and are able to service these immediate shipping needs to Dutch Harbor. We have great relationships with Anchorage based carriers such as PenAir, and ACE Air Cargo. These carriers can receive our cargo in Anchorage and then quickly transfer it to various remote locations, including Dutch Harbor.

We are keeping a watchful eye on the current embargo in hopes that it will be lifted soon. We will post on our website any developments as soon as we get them. Meanwhile, for any cargo needing to be shipped to Dutch Harbor or any other remote locations in Alaska, call Alaska Air Forwarding. We are not restricted by the current shipping embargo and we can get your cargo shipped in a timely manner.

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