How Supplies are Shipped to the Aleutian Islands

How Supplies are Shipped to the Aleutian Islands

Off the coast of Alaska, there is a string of remote islands called the Aleutian Islands. Mostly considered part of the US, these islands are comprised of 14 large landmasses and 55 smaller ones. Among these islands are active volcanoes that form aarea called the Ring of Fire. With just over 8,000 inhabitants in total, these islands are considered some of the most remote places on earth.  

However far away these islands are, there are ways to ship supplies to the Aleutian Islands.  

By Cargo Ship 

The Aleutian Islands are in the North Pacific Great Circle Route, which is a busy corridor from North America to East Asia. Large shipping vessels travel through this area regularly. Cargo ships are usually on a weekly schedule, leaving larger ports in Alaska and embarking to smaller ports on one of the islands.  

Recently, the Waterways Safety Plan was implemented, developed to ensure the safety of the wildlife in tharea. If there is an oil spill, the effects of the spillage near the Aleutian Islands would be detrimental to the Alaskan wildlife. Not only does this safety plan ensure best practices to protect wildlife, but it also affects some of the most valuable Alaskan fisheries in the US.   

By Cargo Truck 

There are many areas virtually uninhabited due to islands reserved for nature sanctuaries. Bogoslof Island is a sanctuary for sea lions and Fire Island is a federally protected bird island. However, there are some areas that are accessible by truck. Alaska Air Forwarding has a hub in Dutch Harbor, located on Amaknak Island. Cargo would first have to arrive by ship or plane, and then trucks would drive the supplies to the destination. Trucks are often weather and road-conditions dependent.  

By Airplane 

One of the most effective ways to get a supply delivery on the Aleutian Islands is by plane. Many of these islands do not have roadways to unload cargo to go inland. Whether we’re flying from Anchorage or picking up supplies from a ship, we are able to ship 10,000+ pounds or more to your desired location. This includes replacement parts, commercial fishing equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment and more.  

Safety, of course, is our number one concern. Alaska has some of the most severe weather in the world, and that can slow things down or reroute the destination temporarily. Weather pending, we are able to send your supply delivery door-to-door as soon as the next day.  

Alaska Air Forwarding utilizes commercial, charter, passenger and all-cargo air carriers. Having different types of carriers at our disposal means we’ll be able to provide the fastest, safest and most direct route to dropping off supplies to most Alaska-based areas. With over 20 years in the business, we also have a large network of agents. Sometimes shipping cargo to a remote village or island means utilizing air, sea, and land to get your supplies to your destination.   

At Alaska Air Forwarding, we have the knowledge and the connections to get your supplies shipped safely and quickly to somewhere as remote as the Aleutian Islands.   

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