Keeping Tabs on Alaska’s Weather

Keeping Tabs on Alaska’s Weather

Alaska can get cold, really cold, but it can also be sunny. In fact, Alaska is the land of the Midnight Sun enjoying a full 24 hour day right around the time of the Summer Solstice. Keeping tabs on the weather in Alaska is extremely important as it impacts every industry and every family that lives in the state.  Because there are some very extreme weather patterns in the state and because getting things into Alaska can be a challenge, knowing which resources can provide accurate weather information is very important.

Over the years, we have come to rely on a number of trusted sources that provide us with accurate and up to date weather information that is so crucial to our shipping.  You can check out all of our resources here, but there are a few that we find extra helpful when it comes to tracking the weather in Alaska. These resources not only keep tabs on the weather, but they also provide some other pertinent information for planning both business and personal travel.

The National Weather Service offers a detailed picture of weather conditions on both land and sea. Land or Marine hazards are color coded to show exactly what type of warning may be in place for that area. For example, a small craft advisory may be in place in the Bering Sea while a gale warning may be in place in the Aleutian basin. The detail provided for the various regions of Alaska through the National Weather Service has proven to be invaluable to us over the years.  It is not uncommon for us to require a number of transfers when shipping cargo and knowing what the conditions are through various waterways can be crucial.

The Alaska Department of Transportation is another great resource for planning either business or personal travel in Alaska. This site offers the latest information throughout the state of Alaska on weather conditions, airport information and the general latest news in the state.

The Alaska Fishing Calendar is probably one of the most useful tools when it comes to planning travel to Alaska. Here at Alaska Air Forwarding, a great deal of our shipping is in support of the fishing industry, so we are very well acquainted with this resource that we use on almost a daily basis. If you plan to seek employment in Alaska’s fishing industry, whether permanent or temporary, this is the resource that will tell you everything you need to know.

Travel Alaska.com is a great resource if you are planning a family vacation to Alaska.   The Planning Help tab offers information on Alaska’s weather that can affect your travel. Everything you could possibly need to know when traveling to Alaska is available at Travel Alaska.com. You can book tours and accommodations.  The Things to do page will offer a number of activities that are available while you travel from outdoor adventures to day-cruises and taking in the rich Alaska culture and history.

These are just a few of the resources that you will find on our Alaska Shipping Directory. Over the years, we have learned that keeping tabs on Alaska’s weather can be a challenge and the more resources we have for knowing the weather throughout the state, the better we are able to do our job of delivering freight to our customers.

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